Teel Auctions Sale of 10 a.m. Tuesday, August 2: Stained Glass Lamps, Furniture, Collectibles, Tools

This week we have a very deep sale of outstanding furniture, collectibles and appliances.

In furniture we have a 10 piece mahogany dining room set; a 5 piece Depression bedroom set; a Mother of pearl coffee table with stools; a French style sofa; 9 drawer 2 door wall cupboard; jewelry chests; armoires; a Thomas Paccioli record player; benches; chairs and armchairs; bookcases; a Wernicke Company globe; wash stands and more.

Collectibles include stained glass table lamps and floor lamps; Movie memorabilia; a wire bird cage on stand; umbrella stands; records; Oriental rugs; playbills; signed paintings; a Magnavox Victrola; lots of dolls; quilts; copper pieces; lamps; a Hori racing wheel; carnival glass; Lenox vases; folding chairs and more.

Appliances include wine coolers, refrigerators, paper shredders, microwaves, range hoods, stereo speaker systems, flatscreen televisions and more.

We’ll see you on Tuesday.